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It was such an enjoyable experience. Heather did such a wonderful job of putting things into perspective for me. It helped me let go of “things” I had been holding onto for far too long. She’s incredibly efficient, kind, and just an all around wonderful person. I found it helpful that Heather gave me a place to start. I think that was the hardest part for me. She gave me her suggestion list and it made it so much easier for me to focus in on one thing at a time and get it all done
— Melissa - Creve Coeur
Heather is supercharged with pure positive energy! She has focus, logic, and compassion. She works very quickly but never makes you feel rushed. I had stocked up on plastic tubs, banker boxes and smaller craft boxes. We put “like with like.” Heather helped me make sense of it all. She made it easy to decide what to do. But, if I couldn’t decide on certain items, no pressure, they were stored (in an orderly fashion) for me to process later. Heather’s energy was so inspiring that I felt a physical lag whenever she left momentarily to take things out. Oh yes - she removes everything: to recycle, to donate, or to trash. I am 70, childless, divorced. She gets it. She pulled a chair around and brought things to me for classification. She didn’t want me to lift a finger. My basement has now been completely transformed. She is amazing. I love her. I feel so grateful. At first, I thought, gee this is a lot of money, but I realize I’ve spent more on other projects that don’t give the personal sense of rejuvenation that this did. This is priceless. Best thing I’ve done in a long time. I will definitely have her come back and help organize my office and sewing room.”
Best things about my experience. “Showing the advantage of logical purpose over illogical sentiment.
One of the most valuable things for me was this: My mother had done extensive research (before computers) for three books she wrote on our family history. I had file cabinets and boxes and binders full of raw data, letters, etc.. gathering dust for the last decade. Heather said, “do you think you need to read through all this research? Your mother did that for you, and she left you the finished product: the books. Thank you mom.” With the pure logic of that realization I was finally able to let go, without guilt or regret - something I had been unable to do on my own. Thank you Heather.
— Ellen - St. Louis
In a word, Heather is awesome. We are delighted with the quality of her work, and we most definitely will use her services again. We also enthusiastically recommend her to other people to use for projects big or small. For example, our studio space, which is a 420 square foot room above our garage, was unusable before Heather tackled organizing it; before she began, it had a small path through all the stuff we had stacked everywhere. In about four hours, Heather organized the room and made it useable again. In short, Heather is an efficient and effective organizer and cleaner who we give our highest recommendation.
— James - Webster Groves
Being overwhelmed with an accumulation of stuff from living in the same house for 33 years, i kept putting off sorting and deciding what to keep and what to discard. Heather M. came to my rescue. She knew just how to get started and, before we knew it, rooms were emptied. At the end of each day,, she brought junk to the alley dumpster and charity items to Goodwill. Importantly, it all left our home. Heather was very fast and efficient. It was a wonderful feeling to see a room cleaned out in a short time. I highly recommend Heather and her Fresh Start Organizing business.
— Bob - St. Louis
The service was top notch. She organized. Took the results to good will. I was extremely satisfied with her approach and the finished product. She took a garage I’d been staring at for a year and overhauled it in 4hrs. I don’t think she ever sat down. She was constantly moving and on task.
It went fantastic. Heather showed up each day with a plan. She paused to gather decisions from me
on what to keep and what to dispose of. However she largely worked with minimal need for input. In the end things were just magically done.
— Scott - Chesterfield
It’s difficult to choose only one thing, because everything was done well, but I think keeping me on track was the best. Heather directed me to make tough decisions on items to get rid of & items to retain. Then how to retain those items, & in what capacity. I never thought we could get that much done in such a small amount of time.
— Mike - Ballwin
I don’t even know where to begin to describe the depth of my appreciation for how Heather has helped my home. Basically, my home got so out of control with clutter to the point where everything was a huge mess. I didn’t have a place for anything and it was too overwhelming for me to do alone. I needed someone with great ideas and a positive attitude to help me tackle the organization process, and that’s exactly what I found with Heather. She came to my house for the initial consultation, which took about an hour. I was pretty nervous about it and ashamed to show her my house, which was such a mess, but she made me feel so comfortable and was not judgmental at all. We went through most of my house and she gave ideas on how we could make better use of the spaces. She left me with a list of a few items I needed to purchase in order to start the organization process. Two weeks later she arrived for our “work day” and we spent from 8:30am until 3:30pm cleaning/organizing multiple rooms. And then she came over again the next day for a few more hours to complete everything. I can’t believe how much we got done. With her help, we organized & de-cluttered my living room, sunroom, mudroom, laundry room, garage, and playroom. Her husband, who is very nice and very handy, came over to help with installing some shelves and also my kids new nerf wall. He also helped fix a couple of things that were broken. I accidentally bought the wrong bookcases for my office and didn’t realize until I’d already hauled them from IKEA to my house. Heather graciously offered to return the bookcases for me, get the correct ones, assemble them, and deliver them back to my house assembled! For a very reasonable cost. I couldn’t believe it. It saved me so many headaches and was such an incredibly nice thing for her to suggest and do. And she did it all in less than 24 hours! I was so impressed. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, reliable and is helpful in every way. She seems to have endless energy and she makes sure you make the absolute best use of your time with her. Our whole family feels so much more comfortable in our house now. It is such a great feeling to have everything clean and organized. I know this sounds dramatic, but I really could not have done this without her help. We love her so much that we are having her come back again to tackle our basement! My husband and I have dreaded organizing the basement but we are so confident in Heather that we aren’t even stressed about it anymore. What she charges is incredibly reasonable and in my opinion, her services are worth more.
— Cindy - St. Louis
The laundry system has changed my life! I see now that the basement had to be done first to get the rest of the house in place. It (an organized house) gave us the freedom to enjoy family time and not be bogged down with clutter.
— Jennifer - Ballwin
Heather has a true gift for organizing and I feel so fortunate to be the beneficiary of her genius! She works at warp speed and left me exhausted, but ecstatic! It’s actually so much fun to work with her; the time flew by! Heather stored everything where it made the most sense and labeled each box. As a result, I can easily find everything! She did everything perfectly! Actually, she did everything incredibly well!
— Susan - Clayton
This was such an incredible “weight loss”. experience. I feel as though the stress of my clutter and disorganization has been lifted by Heather’s expert organization skills. She left no drawer, corner, or box untouched. In a house of small kids we were drowning in our clutter and disorganization. Heather did not just put a bandaid on our problems; she healed our problems. I now walk into rooms in our house feeling ready to spend time engaging with my children instead of telling them to clean up! Plus clean up is a breeze, bc everything has a place. Hire her today. Put a stop to the stress that your stuff is causing you. Lighten your load!
— Amanda - Perry
It was incredibly helpful! Heather was fast and efficient and made the process very stress-free. It has made all the difference in how I feel about being in my apartment. She was able to ask good questions to help me make decisions about what to keep and what to part with and she had wonderful ideas about how to better utilize my existing space
— Lilian - Saint Louis
Heather did an excellent job of helping us go through things and then we decided what we just had to keep. She guided us but we were responsible for making the decisions. She was very professional at all times. We could not have done it without her. Heather comes totally prepared for whatever work you have for that day.
— Patricia - U. City
Heather came at 9:00 and spend ALL day with me!! She never slowed down and didn’t seem daunted by something that had been overwhelming me for months. She helped me go through every single box and then she HAULED it away!!! It was incredible!! Her energy was contagious and she was so thoughtful and kind and offered advice when I needed it. I cannot recommend highly enough!!!
— Heather, Ballwin
Heather works quickly, stays focused and has dozens of good ideas for making work and play spaces more functional and enjoyable to use; however, she is always responsive to to my ideas and preferences. In 4 hours we converted a playroom disaster into my preschool grandson’s bedroom/playroom/reading corner which is easy to keep clean. A second session resulted in an organized office I can really work in. She also gave me ideas for storage solutions in the kitchen and entry which have been super helpful. I am actually looking forward to tackling the garage now with Fresh Start’s help! i have worked with other organizers and Fresh Start far surpasses them!
— Laurie - Des Peres
(Heather) Helped me consolidate things so I could remove some pieces of furniture that were used for storage but also overwhelmed the room—allowed rooms to look more open
— Jamie - St. Louis
Heather brings a rare combination of unbelievable organizational skills, artistic vision, and impeccable cleaning skills to her work. She is willing to work with you and your desires for your home and also has the confidence to offer suggestions. She is willing to be patient but is able to accomplish tasks at super-human speed getting work done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do it. She is worth every penny you spend on her services!
— Lisa, Maplewood
Heather came to my home and spent 1.5 hours going through every single room in my entire house assessing what needed to be done. She gave me “homework” for when she returned to actually organize and we came up with a plan for “organizing day”... She takes a whole house, whole life, whole family approach. I love Heather!!
— Suzanne, St. Louis
It was amazing. We got so much done in 1 day. My husband didn’t think we would get all that
accomplished in 1 day. Heather has so much energy and was an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Rebecca, St. Louis
She took a whole house approach to organizing my house and helping it be more of a home for me and my husband. I never could have accomplished what we did without her guidance. I have been a “collector of things” my whole life and experienced several traumas that have made it VERY difficult to let go of items. They have been both my comfort and my isolation blanket. This experience was a gift from a family member and I did not have much faith that she would be able to help my situation. Somehow, she was able to stabilize me throughout the experience while simultaneously moving me to action. It was invigorating. We completely changed our living space so it is a home and have continued to use the tools she provided to me that day. I think we will schedule another round with her every couple of years just to make sure we are getting the most out of our family environment!
— Anna, Columbia
Heather is positive, non-judgmental, and talented in her vision to see a room and what needs to be to organize it. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to organize their home or business. We worked on several areas in my home and I feel more confident in my ability to stay organized and help my kids to become more organized.
— Carrie, Chesterfield
Heather was wonderful! As described on her website, she started with a one-hour consultation where she gave me a lot of great ideas and a shopping list. Once I felt I was ready (which in my case took a little while...) she came over early on a Saturday and we spent the entire day going through my house. I was shocked when organizing the basement took only 2-3 hours because it had been full of clutter and I had been avoiding it for months. From there, we went through every other area of my house where I had clutter or where I felt disorganized and Heather helped me organize things in a way that made sense. Heather is super efficient, and in fact, we used our time so effectively that I ended up sending her home an hour early because I couldn’t find anything else for her to help me organize. My basement is now a livable space, and I have a very organized storage system that allows me to find extra batteries, old photos, Christmas decorations, and other things that previously would have been cluttered somewhere in a way that I could never find them again. Overall, this was well worth the money- very competitive pricing as compared to other personal organizers, and you couldn’t find a nicer person with whom to spend a hard day decluttering!
— Morgan, South City
It had been way too long since I took time to reorganize a basement storage room! I was overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning it by myself. Heather, with Fresh Start, was amazing!! She looks at a space and immediately knows how to make it better and more organized. She works quickly! She does more in a few hours than I could have done in days. We can all be a bit embarrassed by our messes but she does not pass any judgment. She just works with you to get the job done. I was so incredibly pleased with the results!! My storage room looked amazing when she finished the job. Now that is has been a year since the original job, I am looking forward to her doing a “re-fresh” soon so I can stay on top of that storage room and not let it get to that way it was a year ago. Heather takes pride in knowing the client is more at peace in their home when a space has been reorganized. I highly recommend hiring Fresh Start! Just find the courage to call and admit you need help :)
— Emily, St. Louis
Heather you were fantastic! We made sure there was a place for everything and got everything in its place! Heather’s expertise & direction were spot on!
— Veeda, St. Louis
This was the best thing I have done in a long time. It has changed the whole vibe in our house and the whole family is feeling good. Even the kids want to get in on the act.”

”Heather also did an initial consultation, offering an evaluation and immediate solutions and a starting point for simplifying and organizing every space in my house. I was then able to purchase needed containers and get started to make our time together more efficient when the big day arrived.
— Jessica, St. Louis
I felt completely in charge of the process, never hurried and never made to feel my treasures or memories were unimportant! I felt valued & truly freed to make our home a more comfortable & welcoming place by eliminating & focusing on each area what I really wanted or needed to make our home more comfortable !”

”This has definitely been a very freeing process! It’s like taking a 1000lb weight off my chest! Over 46 years of marriage, it’s incredible how much we’ve been blessed with! It’s a privilege to share some of that with others & free our time with less to manage!
— Sharie, St. Louis
It went exceptionally well! Within a day we had thrown out and/or donated a lot of stuff to Goodwill!
— David, St. Louis
Heather helped me think about my space in a new and creative way. I felt stuck in my clutter and Heather supported me in working through this process in a positive, energizing manner.

”I felt supported in going through my items and helping to re-imagine my space and the items in my space. I also loved Heather’s positive energy!
— Aimee, St. Louis
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