We will schedule a time that is convenient for me to come to your home.  It takes about an hour to go through your home and design a custom action plan.  We will focus on the spaces that are a priority to you.  This is the time for you to cast the vision of what you want your spaces to look and feel like. 

At the end of our time you may need to purchase some organizational items like tubs and bins before our Hands On Organizing day.  My goal will be to utilize everything you already have to keep costs down.

Heather did an initial consultation, offering an evaluation and immediate solutions and a starting point for simplifying and organizing every space in my house. I was then able to purchase needed containers and get started to make our time together more efficient when the big day arrived.
— Jessica, St. Louis

Heather was just extremely efficient overall. We talked about what to have in advance so she could maximize her time. She adjusted rooms and spaces for maximum value.
— Scott, Chesterfield