This is when we roll up our sleeves and get to work.  Our day together should be free of interruptions and free of kids, if possible, so that we can really stay on task.  We will move from space to space organizing, repurposing, refreshing and eliminating.  As we work through each area, I will teach you how to make decisions, stay focused on your goal and create new systems of organization that will help to keep your home organized long term.

Heather has a true gift for organizing and I feel so fortunate to be the beneficiary of her genius! She works at warp speed and left me exhausted, but ecstatic! It’s actually so much fun to work with her; the time flew by!
— Susan

Heather helped me think about my space in a new and creative way. I felt stuck in my clutter and Heather supported me in working through this process in a positive, energizing manner.

I felt supported in going through my items and helping to re-imagine my space and the items in my space. I also loved Heather’s positive energy!
— Aimee

This was such an incredible “weight loss”. experience. I feel as though the stress of my clutter and disorganization has been lifted by Heather’s expert organization skills. She left no drawer, corner, or box untouched. In a house of small kids we were drowning in our clutter and disorganization. Heather did not just put a bandaid on our problems; she healed our problems. I now walk into rooms in our house feeling ready to spend time engaging with my children instead of telling them to clean up! Plus clean up is a breeze, bc everything has a place. Hire her today. Put a stop to the stress that your stuff is causing you. Lighten your load!
— Amanda - Perry

It was such an enjoyable experience. Heather did such a wonderful job of putting things into perspective for me. It helped me let go of “things” I had been holding onto for far too long. She’s incredibly efficient, kind, and just an all around wonderful person. I found it helpful that Heather gave me a place to start. I think that was the hardest part for me. She gave me her suggestion list and it made it so much easier for me to focus in on one thing at a time and get it all done
— Melissa - Creve Coeur

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